ChainMate Cycle Now Available!

by | May 20, 2022

The ChainMate Cycle has been designed to make the job of oiling your cycle chain quick, easy, and clean.

Designed to fit ½” pitch bicycle chain in two widths:

  • 3-9 speed width 7.8 – 6.5mm
  • 10-12 speed width 6.2- 5.25mm

The ChainMate Cycle has two slots machined into the bottom half.   You place the upper straight section of chain into one of these slots. The top section attached to the aerosol can handle is placed over the bottom section and held together with the fixing screw. The pedal crank is then turned anticlockwise causing the chain to pass through the ChainMate Cycle. At the same time the button on the aerosol chain spray is pressed, spraying fluid into the ChainMate Cycle, onto and around the moving chain. After a couple of passes through the ChainMate Cycle your chain is oiled.

You then simply undo the fixing screw and remove the ChainMate Cycle ready for the next time.

I have a very limited stock at present so am offering for shipment to the UK only.