ChainMate is a Chain Oiling Tool For Motorcycles

If you’re wondering how to oil a bike chain with minimal mess and fuss, then look no further than the ChainMate. By enclosing the chain, the ChainMate eliminates overspray onto the wheels and brake discs, while completely coating the chain and the sprocket teeth with oil.

Oil a Bike Chain With ChainMate:

Oiling a bike chain can sometimes prove to be a time-consuming and messy affair, which is why we designed the ChainMate to oil your bike chain in less than a minute. Many people also wonder how to clean a motorbike chain quickly and effectively – the ChainMate can also accommodate aerosol chain cleaners, simplifying two tasks using just one straightforward device!

We have a range of ChainMate designs available to oil and clean every type of motorbike chain. From motorbikes with single exhaust silencers through to older, classic motorbikes, we can help you to oil and clean your bike chain in just a fraction of the time taken using the aerosol applicator alone. The ChainMate also puts safety at the forefront of motorbike chain oiling by ensuring that the performance of your rear tyre, wheel and brake disc are not compromised by excess oil and overspray.

The ChainMate can also help you to extend the life of your motorbike chain by giving it the proper care and attention it needs to work effectively. How long does a motorcycle chain last? Well, with regular oiling, cleaning and tensioning, a motorcycle chain can last up to 20,000 miles!

Why Oil Your Bike Chain Using ChainMate?

  • Eliminates overspray on rear tyre, rear wheel and disc.
  • Efficiently lubricates both sides of the chain at once.
  • Saves money on expensive chain spray by ensuring the oil goes directly onto the chain.
  • Easy and simple to use, oils the chain quickly.
  • Can also be used to clean your chain, as it accommodates an aerosol cleaner.
  • Longevity in design – made from engineering plastic to give a long working life.
  • Ships worldwide – although the ChainMate is designed and manufactured in England, we can ship all over the globe!